Operation Success: Award-Winning Gypsy Cafe

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January 30, 2017

Making the most of the right mixes can help foodservice professionals garner gold medal results. Nobody knows this better than Dan Duris, who co-owns Gypsy Café in Lincoln, NH, and was the First Place Winner in the 2016 Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest.

“Running a busy kitchen that is always short on staff yet is known for creative, flavorful food, I need products that make my life easier,” said Duris. “General Mills provides me with items I know are made with the same quality ingredients I would use, are perfectly mixed every time and cost about the same as if I made them myself.”

Duris looked to Gold Medal™ Belgian Waffle Mix to create his award-winning Waffled Salmon with Spicy Orange Maple Sauce recipe when he entered the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest last year. He credits the mix for making the dish foolproof, creating a savory Belgian waffle to dip salmon into, that holds up with consistent results.

“Even with the delicate process and steam from putting a fish in the center of the waffle, the finished product comes out light, fluffy, with a crispy exterior every time,” Duris added.

The unique twist on fish and chips has fast become a fan favorite at Gypsy Café, which is known for exotic cuisine with a New England twist. Ever since the attention from the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest, the recipe has been “immensely popular” according to Duris. He credits news stories in his local paper and the local ABC affiliate for helping raise awareness about his restaurant and winning dish.

Dan, his mother Claire and another woman inside the cafe

Duris, who co-owns the restaurant with his mother Claire, likes to create dishes with flavors inspired by places he has traveled to around the world. Other menu favorites include Egyptian Brussel Sprouts, flash-fried with hazelnut feta dipping sauce, and Japanese Spiced Salmon, oven-roasted in seven-spice honey, topped with crunchy rice flakes and served on a wasabi cream sauce. Claire is responsible for the restaurant’s equally creative and delicious dessert menu with such specialties as Chocolate Trifle.

Both of the Duris’ appreciate the consistent results that mixes provide as well as the time savings they offer—enabling them to focus on infusing their unique style into menu items to make them their own.

“By having a high quality and flavorful base ready to go, I can concentrate my energies on the creative aspects of preparing food, and then produce it in the quantities and timeframe the restaurant demands,” said Duris.

With versatility, ease of use and consistent results, Gold Medal™ Belgian Waffle Mix, is the choice many operators, like Dan, turn to. Save time without sacrificing quality—check out our Pancake & Waffle Mix line-up today.