Operation Success: Nutcracker 50’s Family Restaurant

Nancy Butcher, of Nutcracker 50’s Family Restaurant in Pataskula, Ohio, is known for the specialty pies and desserts she makes—and one of her latest creations is the new talk of the town.
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October 19, 2016

Nancy Butcher of Nutcracker 50’s Family Restaurant is known for the specialty pies and desserts she makes on a daily basis at the 50’s-style diner she owns with her husband, Steve, in Pataskula, Ohio. But it is one of her latest creations that is the new talk of the town.

Butcher’s Chocolate Snickers™ Candy Bar Cookie Pie was one of three winners in the 2nd annual Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest. Combining a candy bar, cookie and pie, the dish was named as the top recipe in the dessert category and came in 2nd place overall—earning Butcher a $10,000 prize and a trip to General Mills’ headquarters in Minneapolis.

Butcher says she draws inspiration for new desserts from things she has seen or read about. Other times, it is strictly a result of what items she has on hand. She also says it helps to start with a good foundation and she looks to General Mills for cake or brownie mixes to provide a reliable base for her creativity.

“I can add ingredients to the mixes and still get very consistent results,” said Butcher. “Also, I am so pleased that when I make layer-styled cakes and have to level them before icing, there is very little crown that must be removed. And that is a cost savings.”

She adds that she frequently makes multiple layers and refrigerates the extra layers for a later frosting date. “Wrapped and refrigerated, the cakes retain their moistness, which is a huge plus,” said Butcher.

Nancy and diner guests

For her award-winning dessert, Butcher started with Gold Medal® Chocolate Chocolate Cake Mix to make an indulgent cookie layer and then mixed in Snickers candy bar pieces. This winning recipe now has a permanent place on Nancy’s revolving pie menu.

“With a cookie inside a crust, you can’t go wrong,” said Butcher, who has enjoyed some time in the limelight since being named a contest winner last May.

In addition to news articles in Ohio Magazine and The Columbus Dispatch, Butcher appeared on Good Day Columbus to make her pie for the hosts, share details on the recipe contest and promote her restaurant.

“We just had our biggest month ever and believe it was from all the publicity about the pie,” said Butcher. “We had great success promoting the pie on coffee mugs and our server’s t-shirts in addition to our intensive advertising and marketing.”

Get Nancy’s award-winning Chocolate Snickers™ Candy Bar Cookie Pie recipe, featuring Gold Medal™ Chocolate Chocolate Cake Mix.