Capitalize On the Growing Smoothie Trend with Minimal Back-Of-House Effort

Ditch the blender and ring up sales with this innovative solution
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When consumers were introduced to smoothies, it was love at first sip. The cool, creamy snacks seemed to have everything going for them, including portability, freshness and a considerable health halo. Smoothies quickly became the dietary superstars of the millennium – a go-to choice for quick breakfasts, satisfying snacks and too-busy-to-eat meal replacements.

Home smoothie prep – “Buh bye”

For a while, patrons’ thirst for smoothies was so strong that they were willing to make a mess in the kitchen and mix them up at home. Blending systems were soon capturing a hefty portion of consumers’ appliance spending and at-home food prep time.

But the romance hit the rocks when patrons realized smoothies were leaving them stuck with a freezerful of fruit and a sinkful of dirty dishes. The appetite for delicious, wellness-promoting smoothies was as strong as ever, but consumers lost the desire for whipping them up at home.

Storebought smoothies – “Yes, please”

While patrons may not want to lift a finger to press the “blend” button at home, they’re as eager as ever to keep smoothies in their diet. Here’s big news: servings of smoothies ordered at foodservice outlets are up 11 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to NPD’s ongoing food consumption research. National chains are finding success with an all-day smoothie menu. And many other operators are realizing success with the addition of smoothie stations.

Go blenderless! A quick fix for “the smoothie prep problem”

Quenching patrons’ thirst for fruity, yogurty blended beverages by offering away-from-home smoothies seems like the ultimate happy ending. But there is one drawback to the situation, and that’s the messy, sticky, labor-intensive process of getting all the fruit, yogurt and fixings blended and served up quickly. “Even if you’re using frozen fruit instead of fresh, there’s still an issue of storage,” says one operator. “And the outlay for an restaurant-quality blender can be significant. Then you need to make sure you have adequately trained staff who can devote themselves to blender duty when needed. I knew smoothies were a high-profit, popular item, but I was starting to wonder if they were worth the effort. Then I found Yoplait® SmoothiePro™.”

Seven times faster than a blender*

Using Yoplait® SmoothiePro™ is a great way for you to offer the perceived freshness of blender-made smoothies with minimal back-of-house effort. The new packaging makes preparation seven times faster than blender made, with less mess.* SmoothiePro™ leads the pack as the smartest way to capitalize on the smoothie trend and grow incremental sales. Just open the bag and squeeze into labeled bottles or cups and place at point-of-sale for the ultimate on-the-go money maker.

A smart choice, too

Patrons are watching their sugar intake more closely than ever, and SmoothiePro™ has a great story to tell. It’s now made with 25% less sugar, and, better yet, it’s a good source of protein and calcium. There are no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources, and it’s gluten-free too.

Yoplait® SmoothiePro™ is the ultimate way to keep your patrons’ smoothie romance going strong. They’ll snap up these tasty and convenient treats, and you’ll enjoy their easy prep and lasting appeal.

Interested in bringing creamy, yogurt smoothies to your operation? Learn more about Yoplait® SmoothiePro™ here.

*Based on General Mills test with experienced and inexperienced smoothie makers; SmoothiePro smoothies = 7 seconds per smoothie; blender-made smoothies = 54 seconds per smoothie