Brunch, The Comeback Kid

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Ted Osorio

What’s not to love about brunch. It’s that type of meal that most people desire and slobber for. It’s a blessed union of sweet and savories. Pancakes, crepes, scones, prime rib, eggs, bacon and more bacon are joined together on any given Sunday. Did I mention bacon?

Easter, Christmas, New Years, and the mega of all brunch holidays, Mother’s Day has always been a money maker for businesses. But that’s not every Sunday. The traditional brunch is not the family event it used to be.  Some hotels and establishments that normally would serve brunch on Sundays have cut back to certain holidays in order to save money.  It’s a lot of labor to put on an event like that every Sunday. It’s worse when only half the amount of people show up for all that food that you’ve forecasted for.

Here come the good part y’all

There is a silver lining in all of this. Americas eating habits are changing and with younger generations deciding to skip breakfast, brunch is trending high again.  Think about it for a second. There are a lot of reasons for millennials and Generation Z’ers to absolutely love brunch and I’m going to tell you why. Pay attention cause I’m about to break it down.

  • They get to sleep in later
  • They can order seconds, thirds and possibly fourths
  • Bloody Mary’s are available to kill that buzz from the night before
  • Mimosa’s if ya still feel like partying (21 and over y’all)
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee
  • It’s acceptable to combine chocolate chip cookies with your sunny side ups, WHY?? Because it’s brunch, son.
  • Oh snap, did I mention there will nonstop bacon there.

Whatever the reason, whenever the season, brunch is a daypart that is here to stay. And speaking of things that are here to stay, check out my ideas that will most certainly be a shining star on any brunch menu.

Catch Ya later

Chef Ted

March 12, 2019