It’s Biscuit Time, Y’all

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July 7, 2017

Being a native New Yorker I often get the question, “So what you know about biscuits”? I give them the normal humble response, “A LOT” before mic dropping my first name. Just an FYI it’s not Ted, It’s Chef. BOOM!!!! Let’s get to it.

Within the last few years the biscuit popularity has grown tremendously—there’s even a month dedicated to biscuits. Biscuits are riding the comfort food wave to become the next “it” ingredient to hold sliders, sandwiches and burgers together. Let’s just call it what it is, shall we, it’s the new bun. It’s gone from a supporting cast member to a featured player.

How do you Biscuit

Backing this trend are specialty biscuits shops and restaurants that offer a variety of menu options. Restaurants like Cracker Barrel’s new concept Holler and Dash Biscuit House in Tennessee, Pine State Biscuits in Portland and Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. in Washington D.C are just a few examples of biscuits going to the center of the plate—and beyond traditional biscuits and gravy. (That being said, there’s not a thing wrong with biscuits and gravy!).

In addition to being the new bun, there is so much versatility with biscuits. Handsome, innovative chefs like myself are experimenting with biscuits in a way in which you would not even recognize the biscuit. Biscuits can be seasoned with a wide variety of flavors right out of the oven, including sweet chili, chipotle honey and Caribbean jerk—taking the humble biscuit to new heights in flavor! There’s no limit to what you can do.

How do you Biscuit

Finally, folks, take a look at the some of the latest creations with our Pillsbury™ Biscuits—the greatest biscuits on the planet if you ask me, because we do biscuits right. P.S. don’t forget my first name.

Catch ya later,

Chef Ted