Looking forward to ANC 2017 – with tissues in hand!

Looking forward to ANC 2017
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May 2, 2017

I’m sentimental. There are things that get to me and cause me to tear up. That sweet grandmother in a frilly apron serving pancakes at my community’s fundraising breakfast just melted my heart – and caused the tears to flow. Then there were the elderly veterans raising the flag at a Twins game while we were all singing the National Anthem. Who doesn’t cry at something like that? And another one is the Walk for the Cure on Mother’s Day. I’m part of the Yoplait team (of course!) but a group of us walk to honor our beloved boss, Denise. We walk with her daughters carrying a banner, surrounded by an absolute sea of pink. I cry even thinking about it. And one that gets me every time -- the Recognition of the State Presidents at ANC opening session. There is something about seeing those dedicated people walk proudly across that stage and the hugs and hearing the home state cheering sections. I start to choke up and fumble for a tissue before they have even gotten to Connecticut. I think the common denominator is the transcendent beauty of seeing good, decent, everyday people working for the cause they are passionate about.

Now I don’t spend all my time being emotional at ANC. There are lots of things that I look forward to there that don’t make me cry! I love getting to catch up with the friends who I only see at conferences. I learn things I use all year at the educational sessions and I always see something new at the exhibits. I have a lot of fun working with our sales team in our booth. They have so much energy! Then of course, getting to sightsee in new cities is a highlight. ANC is always in interesting cities. I remember Salt Lake City had the prettiest gardens. I have this photo from that trip as my laptop wallpaper. It is like a mini-meditation every time I see it.

I can’t forget to mention that there are always excellent restaurants and plenty of good food that I’m professionally obligated to try! Really, I am. I think it is written in a Chef’s Code of Conduct somewhere! A couple of us got up early one morning in San Antonio to walk to a restaurant that is known for its breakfast menu. What kind of chef would I be if I didn’t take a photo of their gorgeous bakery display case? I know nothing in there was Smart Snack compliant!

I’m excited just thinking about the experiences I’ll have at ANC in Hotlanta! Be sure and stop by our booth to say hello – and maybe bring me some tissues!!!