Story Book Character Day

Noble Elementary, Robbinsdale MN School District
Story Book Character Day
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April 6, 2018

I trudged into Noble Elementary on March 2nd to deliver Kid Pack bags to classrooms. I love the volunteer work I do but some days everything seems like it takes extra effort. This was one of those days. It was a gray Friday, I was tired and it seemed like winter was hanging on forever. I passed the Cat in the Hat on my way into the school office – only to be greeted by Thing 1 who asked for my driver’s license and Thing 2 who gave me the key to the Kid Pack storage closet. Hmmm. Even in my numb, pre-caffeinated state, I realized that this was no ordinary day.

Faculty from Noble Elementary, Robbinsdale MN School District

It turned out it that this was the last day of the Read-a Thon celebrated by Story Book Character Day. As I was going about my delivery duties, I passed Charlie Brown, a couple of Pippi Longstockings, a mouse with a very large cookie and Big Bird, oh, and a Lorax. Now the students weren’t even in the building yet but the excitement of the staff was surging through the hallways. I couldn’t stay for the school day but having a glimpse of the fun preparations was enough to banish my winter doldrums and renew my hope that Spring was around the corner.

I was inspired to go back to work and create “Cat in the Hat” parfaits! I just layered ½ cup of pureed frozen strawberries with 8 oz of Vanilla ParfaitPro in a 12 oz cup, added a snug lid and turned the cup upside down!

“Cat in the Hat” parfaits