Winter Trends 2018


This winter we are embarking on a journey of zero food waste recipe solutions with a few ideas on how to use up your leftover veggie scraps. Meat pies are also showcased with Vietnamese, North African and Jamaican influences for approachable global flavor ideas for your menus. Plus, fondue gets a make-over with fun twists on the retro cheesy classic.


Take a moment to saveur your harvest. When you have leftover ingredients that are small quantities or starting to turn, here are a few quick recipes to maximize your grocery dollars while sparing no expense on taste.

Around the World in Meat Pies

Your taste buds are gonna flip for these globally inspired meat pies. Our puff pastry and pot pie rounds deliver flakey, mouth-watering savory hand-held pies that are a sure fire way to impress your clientele. These approachable yet trendy flavors will bring you on a flavor trip you won't forget.

Fondue Revival

In the past few months, chefs around the globe have re-introduced this fantastic family friendly and delicious meal that once was so popular. In the 3 recipes I created, you can see fondue making its way back with unexpected and delightful flavors and formats. Enjoy these cheesy treats!