Fall Trends 2021

Discover ways to delight your patrons and increase your sales at the same time with the latest fall trends from Chefs of The Mills, our culinary team of experts. Three of our Chefs have gathered ideas to help you do more with less this fall: getting the most out of leftovers, leveraging the versatility of chickpeas, and even using one bread dough formula to create endless possibilities.

Turn Your Stales into Sales

Chef Jessie

Jessie Kordosky

Don't let your stale baked goods go to waste. Here are three recipes to take yesterday's bakery case and turn it into today's hot new menu special. Catchy names will create curiosity, but the amazing flavor combinations will keep your patrons coming back for more. I hope you give these recipes a try and see how one bite is impossible to do with all three options!

Chickpeas: The Prince of Pulses

Chef Monica


Chickpeas are being featured in many new product launches and listed as a top trend for 2021 but this is no culinary fad. Chickpeas have been enjoyed in the Middle East since before recorded history and are found in cuisines throughout the world. As many of our customers intentionally increase the number of plants in their diets, chickpeas are emerging from the blur of hummus into the spotlight of popularity. With their mild flavor and creamy texture these little legumes are well received, easy to find and extremely versatile.

One Bread Dough…. Three Possibilities

Chef Curt

Chef Curt

History tells us bread has been around since 8000BC, so it’s been here for a minute or two. I understand the thought of making bread can seem like a daunting task, so I wanted to provide a formula that is not only very easy to execute, but the flavor possibilities are limitless, and I assure you it won’t last long enough to go stale! My formulas will use the same base formula, but the outcome will be 3 beautifully flavored varieties (Traditional, Chocolate-Cherry-Pecan, and Tomato-Basil, and Garlic) …Enjoy!