Fall Trends 2022

Get your fall season started off right with some of the latest trends from the Chefs of the Mills, our culinary team of experts. Try utilizing the tangy-tasting fruit Yuzu and some delicious upside down sweets to capture the vibrant flavors of fall. Or, experiment with a soft and tender substitute to french fries with crispy biscuit “fries”!

Yuzu Spotlight

What is yuzu, and how can I use it? So glad you asked! Originally from China, yuzu is now mainly produced in Japan and Korea. This tangy-tasting floral fruit, located somewhere between tangerine, grapefruit, and lime, has only recently appeared in Western cuisine. Containing little flesh and many seeds, yuzu is not eaten like other fruits. It is most commonly used as a condiment, but also used for medicinal purposes due to it being rich in vitamins and powerful antioxidants. Yuzu gonna love these recipes!!

Bottoms Up Treats

Bottoms Up, Upside Down or however you refer to these flipped-out sweets, there’s no denying their delicious appeal to your customers. The names may sound fancy, but they are easy to execute with maximum “wow” factor. Add them to your breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert menus for all-day enjoyment!

Biscuit “Fries”!

French fry dishes are increasingly popular on menus everywhere and these versions are also perfect for biscuit fries. The biscuits provide a delicious substitute for fries with their crispy, fried exterior and soft, tender center.