Spring Food Trends 2018

This spring it’s all about sorghum, Puerto Rican influence and kolaches, the traditional Eastern European pastry. Whether in grain or syrup form, sorghum is versatile and sure to brighten any menu. Puerto Rican pride shines through in fun twists on Chef Ted’s favorite childhood flavors—and biscuit kolaches hold their own with our take on this traditional pastry.

Puerto Rican Cuisine 

As a proud Nuyorican (translation: a person of Puerto Rican birth or descent who is a current or former resident of New York City) I felt it my duty to give you a taste of my childhood with a twist. With so many cultures in my neighborhood the food was always robust, full of flavor & creative. Get ready to whet your appetite for all things Latino with my take on churros, tostones & more.


From ancient grain to sweet syrup, sorghum has been grown and harvested around the world for centuries. It’s finally gaining exposure as a versatile recipe ingredient. Here, it is showcased as a delicious and hearty grain pilaf, whipped sorghum butter is paired with comforting spoon bread as a nod to its Southern heritage and the syrup is whisked into a flavorful dressing for a stunning carrot tart.


A kolache, a traditional Czech pastry, usually starts with sweet bread and is then stuffed or topped like a donut with endless sweet or savory flavors. We have given it an added dimension using a biscuit as the carrier. From rich cream cheese to tangy pepper jam, you can’t go wrong with these kolache recipes.

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