Summer Trends 2018

This summer the General Mills Culinary Team is showcasing amped up yogurt, the power of fresh summer produce, and beautiful botanical flavors. Combining yogurt with simple yet flavorful ingredients brings new life into this much-loved fridge staple. We also celebrate fun and creative ways to utilize fresh, seasonal produce while crushing on the creative use of aromatic botanical florals.

Botanical Beats 

What’s a better way to swirl into summer flavors than swing dancing to a blast of botanical aromas. Just look in your garden for a floral inspiration. Ginger, honey, hibiscus, lavender, elderflower, mint, and cardamom are just a few of the value-added herbs and spices bringing out grown-up flavors with plant-based ingredient additions.

Kicked Up Yogurt 

Yogurt love is still on the rise and these recipes amp up the menu possibilities. Yoplait® Greek yogurt gets paired with sweetened tart cherries for a refreshing chilled summer soup. Healing spices such as the ever-popular turmeric gets blended with Mountain High Whole Milk Yoghurt and bananas for a naturally sweet and delicious smoothie. Our Yoplait Greek yogurt gets spiked with garlic and topped with perfectly poached eggs and Aleppo olive oil drizzle for a uniquely top-notch entrée any time of day.

Summer Fresh 

Summer is here and that means there are a lot of fresh, bright produce options to get creative with. It’s the most bountiful time of year. You should be bolting to your kitchen to take advantage of what summer has to offer. Lucky for you, you don’t have to travel too far. Check out some of these fresh inspirations and have a blast.

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