Summer Trends 2021

What’s hot this summer? Check out what will be trending with inspiration from our culinary experts. You can do more (with less) when it comes to croissants, create some fresh summer picnic kits, and bring State Fair indulgence to your summer menu.

Keep it Simple - 5 Ingredients or Less: Croissant Edition

Summer should be laid back and easy going. Who says you can’t serve something fancy with just 5 ingredients or less. Try these simple fancy croissant recipes at your next event or seasonal menu.

A Summer Picnic to Remember

After a very difficult year, we all deserve time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and eat some delicious food! The three recipes featured in this trend will be a crowd pleaser and help you increase revenue in the concept of picnic kits! From a refreshing Greek salad to a wholesome pita Sandwich and finishing it up with an indulgent Belgian Chocolate mousse, there is nothing here that will disappoint! Have fun and make this a grab and go option for all occasions!

State Fair Inspirations

The State Fair is a combination of part carnival, part livestock show, music and an assortment of weird and wacky foods. It’s that favorite summer activity that millions of people flock to in order to get a taste of their favorite food. Now while I’m mostly a traditionalist pork chop on a stick type of guy, I also search out that unique food item that defies logic. I’m talking deep fried kool-aid, jumbo deep fried gummy bears, barbeque parfait (a combination of smoked brisket, baked beans, bbq sauce and mashed potatoes). UMM YUM! Whatever you decide, have fun, pace yourself, and enjoy the sights and sounds that the state fair has to offer. Cheers!!!