Summer Trends 2022

Heat up your summer menu and discover the latest trends from the Chefs of The Mills, our culinary team of experts. Try some summer berries with Bourbon, or get inspired with a variety of biscuit donut mashups. You can also take advantage of seasonal vegetables and do more with your menu for less!

Berries & Bourbon

The Bourbon boom isn’t likely to fade any time soon as a more and more people are discovering unique regional styles as distilleries continue to open across the country. In 1964, Congress officially declared Bourbon a distinctive product of the United States. The folks from Ky Bourbon Trail ( refer to this corn-based whiskey as “America’s Official Native Spirit”. Having grown up in Louisville, the home of the first bottled Bourbon, I’ve long known that the complex flavor notes of vanilla, fruit/oak, caramel, and spice make this Native Spirit an excellent addition to many recipes. I personally think Bourbon goes exceptionally well with summer berries and dairy products. I hope you will enjoy these ParfaitPro Vanilla Yogurt recipes I’ve created using a bit of Bourbon and a lot of love!

Biscuit Donut Mashups

Crispy outside, flaky middle, flavorful all around is the recipe of this delicious Biscuit donut mashup. These recipes remove all the complexity of making donuts by using our gold medal Biscuit mix and offer a new and exciting way to try the delicious wheel shaped fried good! The biscuit donut is super easy to customize with local flavors and can be topped for added texture and eye appeal. This is one baked good that will not disappoint for all meal occasions!

Garden Explosion

Whether you planted a victory garden or are taking advantage of seasonal product prices, sometimes you find yourself with an abundance of produce. These trendy plant forward global flavor recipes feature the same three veggies to help you use up that bushel of bounty.