Winter Trends 2021

Discover the latest culinary trends from the Chefs of The Mills, our culinary team of experts. Some of the hot trends the team is seeing this winter include plant-based handhelds, Puff Brick Toast and inspirational ways to elevate boxed entrée options for catering & events.

Plant-Based Handhelds

Chef Ted

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a carnivorous type of brother, and if I could, I’d eat meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nothing else. Just meat. But now that I’m getting a little up there in age (not much), I’m starting to think about making mindful and conscientious decisions related to my eating habits. Healthier choice options are appearing frequently on everyday menus whether your plant based, vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian. Here are some easy ways you can flex more meal options on your menu:

Puff Brick Toast

Chef Nancy

Brick toast is a custard toast traditionally made with milk bread. Our version brushes a sweet milk mixture over the tops of our puff pastry squares making quick work of this tasty dessert. The puff is slightly sweet and lightly salty and is topped with fresh fruit fit for a year-round farmers market.

Elevated Boxed Meals for Events & Catering

Chef Kevin

With more in-person events and meetings starting to happen, offering safe, boxed meals are more important than ever. And, there are ways to take those boxed meals up a notch. Here, discover elevated entrée options for individually, fully-prepared boxed meals.