Winter Trends 2022

With winter right around the corner, guests will start wanting food that offers comfort and warmth. The Chefs of the Mills, our culinary team of experts, have captured just that in their latest on-trend winter recipes. From savory Wellington in cognac cream sauce to individual cinnamon roll bread puddings, these dishes are sure to comfort and delight.

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Wellingtons Revamped

Wellington originated in the 1960s as an elegant staple at dinner parties and is again coming to the forefront of restaurant menus. These versions are a fun and approachable twist on the original.

Trend: Elevated Cinnamon Rolls

Wow your guests with unexpected yet familiar flavor combinations and presentations of these elevated cinnamon roll ideas.

Trend: Simpli-fried Classics

The name says it all. Simple and fried. But don’t forget delicious. These new crispy treats are sure to leave everyone feeling happy and satisfied.