Gilles Stassart

Associate Culinary Manager

“I love getting to know the customers, learning about their operations and then finding ways to make their life better while making their own customers happier as well. When you can achieve that, that is a great feeling!”

Bringing a global perspective, Chef Gilles Stassart inspires foodservice professionals to delight their customers with food.

Chef Gilles works with government institutions and leisure facilities to make the most of products from General Mills Foodservice. This includes sharing the latest trends and providing training to customers in positions that Chef Gilles previously had working in fine-dining restaurants, hotels, catering, and healthcare foodservice.

Chef Gilles has worked at Michelin-recognized restaurants and hotels in Belgium, spent time in prestigious clubs and hotels in Minnesota, and was an Executive Chef for a large network of healthcare facilities with French food-management company Sodexo before joining Chefs of the Mills in 2013.

A native of Belgium, Chef Gilles studied culinary arts and hotel/restaurant management at EHPN, a hotel-management school there, and was chosen to be part of an international program from Hilton to further develop the skills of executive chefs from around the world.

Maintaining a connection to world cuisine, Chef Gilles is an active member of various international culinary groups and the American Culinary Federation.


  • Culinary Arts and Hotel/Restaurant Management: EHPN, Namur, Belgium


  • Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA)
  • Certified Executive Chef (CEC)
  • Approved Certification Evaluator (ACE)