Jessie Kordosky

Corporate Chef

During her time on the Global Culinary Team, Jessie has touched nearly every activity in the culinary center as she managed the kitchen operations for 3 years. Currently, she is leading the culinary digital content strategy for the team’s foodservice social media and website. This includes leading the content development of the seasonal culinary trends newsletter which includes not only recipe development, but overseeing the overall art directing and food styling for the recipe photoshoots.


“I love discovering new ingredients and playing around with them to create interesting flavor pairings or recipe ideas. And, it’s super fun to share these discoveries with my team to discuss, learn, laugh and riff on ideas together.”

Her love for recipe development brings her into the kitchen to create fun recipes for customers, standardized recipe writing/editing, menu development and she’s always on the hunt for food trends. Her team knows if there’s a new funky ingredient in the kitchen, it’s something Jessie is playing around with to learn more about and inspire her recipe creation.

Prior to joining General Mills in 2011, Jessie previously worked as a Corporate Chef in corporate airline foodservice and catering management. In addition, she worked in independent and corporate casual restaurant foodservice as well as independent catering and test kitchens. She has also served in product development and marketing roles. It was actually during a marketing internship overseas where she found her passion for food.

“I was blown away by numerous culinary experiences while working abroad. That’s when the light bulb went off,” said Jessie. Upon returning to the U.S. after completing the internship, she enrolled in culinary school and has never looked back.

Today, Jessie is happy be part of a fun team at the General Mills Culinary Center where she enjoys developing recipes and the opportunity to be creative in the kitchen. Ask Jessie what her favorite General Mills Foodservice product is and she will tell you it’s the frozen biscuit pucks.

“They are so versatile and can be used in so many applications,” said Jessie. They’re wonderful baked, griddled, waffled and fried! The possibilities are endless!”



  • Associated Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts: The Art Institute International Minnesota
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with Copywriting Focus: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities