Fall Food Trends 2017

This fall, we’re giving a nod to the power of purple (vegetables)—equally delicious and stunning. Sprouted also takes center stage as a nutritional powerhouse and portable foods gets a fresh look to keep up with our on-the-go society.


We now live in an on-the-go society now. Not only does everything in our lives have to be smart (phone, TV, home) but our food has to be smart as well. People want something they can enjoy using one hand while doing something with the other. Look no further; we have what you need. Try out these yummy portable treats and continue on with your day.


Nuts, seeds, grains and beans are nutritional powerhouses. However, the natural agents that protect them from early germination can affect their nutrition. Current trends highlight the benefits of soaking and sprouting which replicates germination, activates nutrients (particularly Vitamins A, B and C), neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, and promotes the growth of vital digestive enzymes. Soaking and sprouting is very easy. Give these recipes a try.

Purple Power

Perhaps it’s a nod to the late, great Prince—or perhaps it’s just the stunning color of vibrant purple-hued produce. Either way, purple food is popping up in stores and on menus more than ever. These three recipes showcase the stunning purple fruits and vegetables that bring to the table a healthy dose of antioxidants. Eating the rainbow just got easier!