Spring Trends 2017

Nostalgia…with a Twist

The new year always brings a look to the future, but also a glance at nostalgia, and this issue of Spatula conjures memories of diner foods (reinvented), and biscuit hand pies. Also in this issue: Dill pickle juice takes center stage as a main ingredient; beignets with a sweet-and-savory biscuit twist; and small bites with monumental flavor. Wrapping up this issue, we’re serving up authentic Indian food from Guest Chef Vikas Sharma from GMI International, India.

Diner Foods Revisited

Everything old is new again (and even better), as chefs seek to put their twist on classic American fare. In this section, we’ve updated some familiar diner foods with Birthday Cake Pancakes, Katsu-style Pork Chops and a Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pie.

Breakfast Biscuit Hand Pies

It’s no wonder hand pies are making a comeback, with sweet or savory convenience wrapped in a flaky crust. Depending on where you grew up, small, fruit-filled pies may be part of your nostalgic inheritance. These recipes focus on breakfast flavor profiles, but they can easily extend beyond to lunch and dinner.

What a Pickle!

Don’t throw your dill pickle juice away after the last pickle! Pickle-flavored vinegar plays on the popularity of fermented foods, not to mention the nostalgia of summertime picnics. It’s ingenious upcycling -- why toss something that can easily add a zing to popular favorites?

Biscuit Beignets

Beignets, the signature no-hole doughnuts of New Orleans, are popping up on menus across the country as chefs add flavor combinations from sweet to sassy. We created our biscuit beignet recipes as a tribute to these classics, with flavorful crawfish studded fritters, decadent Nutella® and banana filled donuts and mouth-watering stuffed muffulettas. Add some excitement to your menu… the only thing missing is a café au lait!

Small Bites, BIG Flavors!

There seems to be a never-ending love affair with all things mini. They give comfort and a feeling of indulgence without guilt. In catering and entertaining, you know what people reach for -- things to eat in a bite or two. Small bites, indeed… but monumental in flavor!

Authentic Indian

Some Indian food for thought: The secrets behind authentic flavors start with three varied recipes. Murg Malai Kebab – Translated as chicken cream, this mildly spiced dish has the flavors of chicken cooked in a Tandoor oven. Keema Pao – Minced meat cooked with hot spices, peas and onions turns a common dish into a fresh palate-pleaser. Shahi Paneer – Ancient Indian kings favoured this rich, creamy and subtly spiced dish.

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