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Fresh Fall Flavors That Will Set Your Bakery Apart


Delight your patrons with fall flavors—both classic favorites and innovative autumn sensations. Why? Well for starters, 42% of millennials say they would select items with fall flavors instead of their typical order.1 Millennials are shaping food trends across segments, which means diners of all ages will be choosing—and willing to pay more for—items with seasonal fall flavors.

Here are some easy ways to bring the trend to your bakery.

Toasted Toppings

  • Bring out nutty autumn accents in ingredients by toasting them before using as toppings and mix-ins for cakes, cupcakes, scones, muffins and more.
  • These Coconut Cream Cupcakes use toasted coconut deliciously.
  • Consider adding toasted hazelnuts or toasted pecans to frosting on top of a PillsburyTM Bakers’ PlusTM German Chocolate Cake for an autumn twist on a classic favorite.
  • Be adventurous and try something different with the toasted sesame dessert trend—not just for savory applications anymore!


  • Figs are in season August through October, but still manage to be fun and unexpected as a fall flavor.
  • Figs’ pink/purple hues are perfect for decorating with and they make your items instantly Instagram-worthy.
  • Mix figs into PillsburyTM Crème Cake Mix for a fall treat, or arrange beautifully halved fruits around the base of a finished Bundt cake.


  • Mentions of maple in nonalcoholic beverages on menus rose 86% between 2016 and 2017.2 However, beverages aren’t the only way to use this emerging fall flavor.
  • Try a fall-inspired carrot cake using Pillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus™ Carrot Cake Mix with maple-infused cream cheese icing.


  • Pumpkin is a fall classic that will win over even the least adventurous customers.
  • Technomic reported that 40% of consumers would gladly order a slice of pumpkin pie if they saw it on a menu.3
  • Pumpkin is delicious in applications beyond pie too! Add pumpkin puree to cakes and cupcakes, or get inspired by this Pumpkin Spice Latté Tiramisu recipe—so many ways to use this fall flavor.


  • The beauty of caramel? You can drizzle absolutely any bakery item with it for an instant fall flavor makeover.
  • Caramel and apples are an especially popular seasonal flavor combination. Try baking apples into your Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mix—its formula is perfect for suspending fruits and other goodies—and drip caramel over the finished product for an easy Caramel Apple Cake!


  • A little spicy, a little sweet and totally of-the-moment, ginger brings warmth to bakery items as fall arrives.
  • Use fresh ginger in icings on cakes, cupcakes, scones and more for an easy dose of trendy fall flavor.
  • Top bakery items with candied or crystalized ginger for another simple way to incorporate this autumn ingredient.
  • Pillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus Yellow Cake Mix baked into cupcakes with a citrus-infused frosting topped with caramelized ginger? Customers will be clamoring for your inventive fall treats.

By incorporating fall flavors at your bakery, you can delight patrons and keep them coming back for more. Pillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus Crème Cake Mix provide reliably delicious bases for you to create fall sensations with. Plus, Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mix is now also No/No! Use it in your bakery and make sure your customers know that items made with this mix contain no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources.

Want to get the word out?

Click here to download a fall-themed point-of-sale kit, that includes a poster and table display so you can start spreading the word about your new fall flavors today!

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