Valentine’s Day Is a Time to Indulge the Senses

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Get inspired with these amore-worthy dessert ideas that are sure to win your customers’ hearts. Try them all and prepare for lines out the door.

Cookie Crushes

Like poetic notes, cookies make lots of friends on Valentine’s Day. Add decadent crunch to candy bar royalty with Chocolate Snickers™ Candy Bar Cookie Pie or make their cups runneth over the top with these delicious Brookie Cups.

Red Velvet Romances

Paint your dessert menu red with variations on the nostalgic classic. Stack rich flavors with creamy delight in fun Red Velvet Mini Shots or take the velvety texture to new heights with Red Velvet Cake Supreme and Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Liquor-Infused Love Affairs

Bring happy hour to the dessert plate with booze-infused creations worth toasting. Spice it up with innovative, cute Spiced Rum Mini Blondie Bites or add a shot of on-trend bourbon with Smoked Bourbon Chocolate Cherry Mini Cakes.

Are you inspired yet? Once you have your seasonal menu planned, learn how to take advantage of increased Valentine’s Day traffic with these 3 simple merchandising tips.