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Confidently stock the right College and University products that match your students’ needs with General Mills’ Category First Planograms.
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As students reach for grab-and-go items more and more, it’s increasingly important for campus C-store operators to maintain optimized product sets to capture sales and move inventory. We understand that C-store footprints come in different shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve updated our planograms to offer scalable layouts for each snacking category. Browse the categories below to find the planogram that’s right for your operation.


According to a 2015 Barnes & Noble College snacking study, about 70% of college students purchase nutritious snacks for an energy boost*. This being the case, it’s more important than ever to have your nutritious snacking items organized efficiently with your best-selling SKUs at eyelevel. Check out our optimized planograms below, which come in three sizes to fit your C-store.

Get the 2ft Nutrition POG

Get the 4ft Nutrition POG

Get the 6ft Nutrition POG


Once thought of as solely for morning consumption, college students are rethinking when they reach for staples like cup cereal, breakfast bars, granola and oatmeal. Turn your breakfast set into an optimized destination for all-day snacking by downloading the POG that works for you.

Get the 2ft Breakfast POG

Get the 4ft Breakfast POG

Breakfast Nutrition

Don’t have the space in your campus C-store to dedicate entire shelving units to breakfast and nutritional snacks by themselves? Combine the best of both worlds by downloading this optimized planogram for items like trail mixes, oatmeal and wholesome cereal offerings.

Get the 2ft Nutrition/Breakfast POG

Get the 4ft Nutrition/Breakfast POG

Get the 6ft Nutrition/Breakfast POG


With 59% of college students admitting they consider salty snacks first* when they crave a bite, it’s important to make sure your offerings reflect their preferences. Download this planogram to learn best practices for organizing your chips, pretzels and mixes.

Get the 2ft Salty POG

Get the 4ft Salty POG

Get the 6ft Salty POG

Cookie and Sweet

Almost three-quarters of college students still consider sweet snacks an impulse buy*. Armed with this knowledge, it’s pivotal that your cookies and sweet treats are effectively arranged to capture students’ attention at the time of sale. Our cookie & sweet planogram is designed to do just that, coming in three and four foot arrangements.

Get the 3ft Cookie & Sweet POG

Get the 4ft Cookie & Sweet POG

Cup Yogurt

Whether it’s for the nutrition or delicious taste, yogurt offers an array of benefits that college students are reaching for. Our recommendations for either a 4- or 6-cup yogurt set shows you how to optimally arrange the highest-selling yogurt SKUs on your shelves. Check out the link below to find the recommended set that’s right for your operation.

Get the 4 cup & 6 cup recommendation


With the explosion in popularity of yogurt and other protein-rich dairy offerings, keeping your cooler organized is a great opportunity to generate more sales. Refrigerated items like smoothies and protein shakes also offer great on-the-go snacking options, which over half of students look for these days*. Check out our cooler planogram below for more insights.

Get the Cooler POG

*Barnes & Noble College, The Café and Convenience Survey — Highlights Report; June 2015.

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Kelly Fulford, Senior Category Development Manager - General Mills Convenience

Kelly Fulford

Kelly is responsible for leading the Convenience and Foodservice Category Management team and coordinating all related activities for key distributors and retailers across the United States. She has worked in category management over the past 7 years and has been instrumental in elevating the category management tools and capabilities for General Mills. She is responsible for analyzing category data along with consumer insight research to identify how customers like you can drive sales and profit throughout their store. Kelly is a dynamic business leader that thrives on driving strategy and business results. She was recognized as one of the Top Personalities of the year by Bakery and Snacks Magazine in addition to one of the Top Women in Convenience by CSP Magazine.