Millennials Get Creative with Cereal

College students go way beyond the cereal bowl
Millennials Get Creative with Cereal

Today’s students are ditching the milk and finding new creative ways to eat cereal. No longer a bowl-only breakfast food, 87% of cereal consumers say cereal can be consumed any time of day1. College-age millennials also say that cereal makes a great snack – 5%-10% higher than older generations2. And since 65% of millennials want the ability to customize their food3, it has created the perfect environment for countless innovative new ways to eat cereal.

To better understand some of the ways students like to snack on cereal, General Mills enlisted Spoon University to come up with creative snack recipes featuring cereal. Spoon University’s mission is to help food make sense for their generation as they navigate the kitchen on their own for the first time. They strive to make recipes that are simple but never boring.

They definitely did not disappoint with their indulgent truffle recipes. The four truffles each feature a different cereal: Cookie Crisp™, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™, Reese’s® Puffs® and Lucky Charms™. Spoon University also created video instructions to show how easy it is to turn students’ favorite cereals into a decadent show-stopping dessert

These truffles are the best way to eat your favorite childhood cereals

General Mills is excited to continue developing new ways to use cereal as satisfying snacks for your snacking student population. At NACUFs regionals, we featured some of the new ways you can serve cereal to meet the needs of students. See even more innovative ways to market cereal to your students at the NACUFs Annual Conference by stopping by our booth #563.

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