Product Selling Guide | Pillsbury™ Frozen Croissants

Surprise and delight your customers with these craveable favorites.
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Good To Know

  • 64% of patrons say it’s important that baked goods be fresh-baked on-site.¹
  • While snacks often serve to stave off hunger, indulgent treats are still popular options.²
Pillsbury Croissant

Tips for Unbaked

Get the most out of croissants.

straight croissants

For best results, thaw overnight to allow dough to relax for better performance in the bake.

buttery croissants

Egg wash or steam in the oven to get a deep, rich color and shine.

Serve a French Favorite.

Easy prep, limited labor, in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Pillsbury Unbaked Croissants



  • Flaky crust, sweet dairy flavor
  • Full flavor made simple
  • High quality ingredients
Product Case Pack GMI Code
All Butter Curved 168/1.75 oz 132111000
All Butter Pinched 120/2.75 oz 132114000
All Butter Straight 120/2.75 oz 132112000
Butter Blend Curved 120/2.75 oz 132116000
Butter Blend Curved 120/2.75 oz 132117000
Pillsbury Baked Croissants



  • No baking required
  • Thaw and serve
  • Buttery, sweet dairy flavor
Product Case Pack GMI Code
Butter Curved 64/2.5 oz 132106000
Butter Curved 48/3 oz 132107000
Sliced Butter Curved 64/2 oz 132108000
Sliced Butter Pinched 64/2.5 oz 132109000
Sliced Plain Pinched 64/2.5 oz 132103000
Sliced Plain Curved 48/3 oz 132092000

Nutrition facts, ingredient, packaging and more available by clicking each product.

  • ¹ Palmer and Palmer #2940 Operator Attitudes, May 2003, p. 65
  • ² The Why Behind the Buy™ 10th edition, Acosta, Inc 2014