Product Selling Guide | Pillsbury™ Frozen Biscuits

So easy anyone can deliver consistently high quality biscuits every.
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Customizable • Fresh Ingredients • Small Plates

Good To Know

  • Operators choose frozen biscuits based on consistent performance and quality.¹
  • Over 1 million biscuit sandwiches served in 2013 – and that number is growing!²
  • “Small is in” – Diners seek ‘snackable’ portions.³
Pillsbury Frozen Biscuits

Opportunities to Capture Growth


Biscuits serve as a great base for sweet and savory dishes through out the day. They aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

  • Empanadas


  • Turkey Avocado Club Biscuit Sandwiches


  • Biscuit Berry Shortcakes


  • Baked Biscuit Cups


  • Biscuits with Bacon Cheddar Gravy

    With Gravy

Build a Better Bundle

Easy prep, limited labor, ready when you need them to capture today’s trends.

Pillsbury Unbaked Biscuits

Unbaked Biscuits


  • Pre-portioned
  • Freezer-to-oven
  • Consistent every time
Product Case Pack GMI Code
Southern Style 216/2.2oz 106252000
Southern Style Easy Split® 168/3.17oz 106249000
Southern Style Reduced Sodium 216/2.2oz 131151000
Southern Style Mini 210/1.2oz 106263000
Pillsbury Baked Biscuits

Baked Biscuits


  • No baking required
  • Easy-to-use
  • Consistent every time
Product Case Pack GMI Code
Golden Buttermilk Easy Split® 120/2.25oz 106236000
Golden Buttermilk 120/2.25oz 106235000
Large Golden Buttermilk Easy Split® 75/2.85oz 106237000
Southern Style 120/2oz 106285000

Nutrition facts, ingredient, packaging and more available by clicking each product.


Let's Talk Price

The most effective way to talk price with your customer is price per biscuit.

Example of price calculations

Product Price/Case Case Pack Price/Biscuit
Frozen Baked Biscuits $30-35/case 120/2 oz per case $0.25-0.29/biscuit
Baked Golden Buttermilk Easy Split® $38-43/case 216/2.2 oz per case $0.25-0.29/biscuit

Different cases contain different amounts of products, price per biscuit is the only way to give your customers a true price comparison between products.

  • ¹ PEI GMI Operator 360, January 2013
  • ² NDP Crest Report 12 months ending March 2014
  • ³ “Prognostication: 2015 menu trends” Oct. 27, 2014