Product Selling Guide | Pillsbury™ Frozen Unbaked Muffins

Add efficiency and versatility while delivering high quality muffin taste for your operators’ guests.
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Good To Know

  • Place & Bake™ Muffins require no thawing. Make fresh baked muffins in minutes.
  • TubeSet® Muffins thaw in 3 hours vs. 24 hours for pails¹
  • TubeSet® Muffins are squeezed right from the tube. No scooping, no mess and up to 86% less plastic waste.²
  • Easy prep, limited labor, less waste. and ready when you need them.
Espresso Cappuccino Muffin

A Muffin For Every Menu

Pillsbury™ muffins formats make it easy to offer the #1 baked good eaten at breakfast.


Muffins are a must for breakfast and do so much more! Add savory applications, decadent desserts and vary sizes for consumers.

  • Berry Orange Streusel Loaves


  • Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Mini Tortes


  • Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Muffins


  • Chocolate Cherry Mini Cheesecakes


  • Cherry Lemon Poppyseed Coffee Cakes Squares

    Grab n Go

Pillsbury Tubeset Muffins

Tubeset™ Muffins


  • Thaws in 2-3 hours
  • No mixing or scooping
  • No dedicated labor
Product Case Pack GMI Code
Blueberry 6/3 lb 108026000
Banana Walnut 6/3 lb 108021000
Cranberry Orange 6/3 lb 108070000
Chocolate Chocolate Chip 6/3 lb 208011000
Pillsbury Place and Bake Muffins

Place & Bake™ Muffins


  • Bake only what you need
  • Freezer-to-oven
  • Consistent every time
Product Case Pack GMI Code
Blueberry 216/1.5 oz 131662000
Banana Nut 216/1.5 oz 131666000
Chocolate Chocolate Chip 216/1.5 oz 131661000

Nutrition facts, ingredient, packaging and more available by clicking each product.


Let's Talk Price

The most effective way to talk price with your customer is price per muffin.

Example of price calculations

Product Price/Case Case Pack Price/Muffin
Tubeset™ Muffins $50-58/case 144/2 oz per case $ 0.35-0.40/muffin
Place & Bake™ Muffins $59-68/case 108/3 oz per case $ 0.55-0.63/muffin

Different cases contain different amounts of products, price per biscuit is the only way to give your customers a true price comparison between products.

  • ¹ Thaw individual tube in refrigerator or cooler until soft (approximately 3 hours)
  • ² Based on comparison of TubeSet® plastic weight to 18-pound pails for equivalent muffin batter volume. Corrugate weight not included due to high recyclability.