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It’s Biscuit Season! Drive Cafeteria Traffic All Year Long with Pillsbury™ Biscuits


Biscuits are always in season with Pillsbury Biscuits! Consumers are looking for substantial, quality meals that will fill them up while offering unprecedented grab & go convenience that won’t slow them down¹. Sandwiches are the top food ordered at breakfast², and they’re continuing to grow faster than any other away-from-home breakfast item³.

Serve a range of filling, grab & go sandwiches that meet consumer demands for quality and variety, while driving them back for more.

1. Pick Customer-Loved Recipes

Consumers want variety, and biscuits deliver! See our chef’s top recommended biscuit sandwiches and serve customer favorites throughout the day.

Classic Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich: Classic Breakfast

  • Biscuit
  • Egg Patty
  • Sausage Patty
  • American Cheese
BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Lunch Sandwich: BBQ Chicken

  • Biscuit
  • Chicken Tenders
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Cole Slaw
Corned Beef Sandwich

Dinner Sandwich: Corned Beef

  • Biscuit
  • Corned Beef
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Mustard

2. Prepare Back-of-House with Ease

  • Order is Important: From bottom to top, layer the biscuit with meat/protein, toppings, and cheese. This offers the best flavor and holds all the components together.
  • Minimize Melting: Fold a slice of cheese into quarters before placing on toppings. This keeps the cheese from sliding off and sticking to the wrapper if it melts.

3. Wrap & Serve

  • Wrap: Use foil wrap, rather than paper, for best holding.
  • Warm: Keep sandwiches in a hot box at 140°F or a countertop warmer for easy access.
  • Customize: Write recipe names on each wrapper or add novelty with seasonal wrappers and stickers.

4. Drive Traffic with the Biscuit Season Promotion

Buy one incremental case of the recommended Pillsbury Biscuits to get free seasonal-themed packaging. Contact your General Mills sales representative to learn more.

Biscuit SKU Chart

Download seasonal back-of-house recipe sheets to get your biscuit season started!


  • Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Fall

    Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Fall


  • Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Winter

    Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Winter


  • Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Spring

    Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Spring


  • Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Summer

    Back-of-House Recipe Sheet – Summer


¹2020 Technomic Long-Term Forecast
²2020 Technomic Sandwich Consumer Trend Report
³2019 NPD The Future of Morning, Sept 2019