Fun Limited Time Offers to Drive Participation All Year


Upcoming holidays, changing seasons and school-specific events create a perfect opportunity for limited time offers, or LTOs. Fast-casual operations recognize this and leverage LTOs often. You can do the same at your school!

Spooky smoothies
Orange pumpkins and black cats define the colors of this holiday, why not make a smoothie to match? Offer a pumpkin pie smoothie during the month of October and top it off with whipped cream and a few chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles or raisins (a healthy alternative) for the full black-and-orange effect.

Thanksgiving sub
In November, serve a Thanksgiving Sub to capitalize on excitement around end-of-the-month feasting.

Sip-able holiday cheer
Topping your smoothies with crushed peppermint adds instant appeal and LTO status. Or make a special Chocolate Mint Cooler during the month of December. Bonus points if it’s finished off with a candy cane!

Smoothies are one of the easiest items to use for LTOs because they can be made in multiple colors and flavors. No wonder many fast-casual restaurants offer special drinks during the holiday season.

Warm hearts
For Valentine’s day, experiment with pink and purple smoothies made with ingredients like beets, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and blueberries. Sweet pouch cereals and chocolaty filled crescents also make great Valentine’s Day LTO items.

Make it lucky
St. Patrick’s Day might be the easiest LTO opportunity of all, thanks to Lucky Charms™ cereal and the color green. With a sprinkle of Lucky Charms™ you can turn any smoothie into an LTO for the month of March! Or, bundle Lucky Charms pouch cereal with a green apple.

An egg-cellent LTO
Offer baked egg sandwiches in the spring around Easter. Pillsbury™ French bread and biscuits are a great way to serve all sorts of egg sandwiches with elevated fast-casual inspired breads. (There’s a delicious recipe in our K-12 Meal Makers recipe book for inspiration!) Don’t forget to serve with a side of Annie’s™ Bunny Grahams™ to keep the springtime feeling.

Fun Limited Time Offers to Drive Participation All Year

Fun with History
Valentine’s Day isn’t the only great LTO opportunity in February. Nod to the nation’s leaders by offering Presidents Day-inspired limited time offers. Try Pillsbury® Mini Waffles dipped in icing with red and blue sprinkles for a fun – and presidential – Presidents Day LTO.

Fun Limited Time Offers to Drive Participation All Year

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