Serving you, serving kids.

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We put dedication and investment into developing solutions that meet the specific challenges of K-12 foodservice. We help you serve wholesome meals that keep your kids active and learning all day long - by responding to trends, advocating for nutrition, and innovating and renovating our products.

This month, we are excited to debut a new look for our newsletter along with a new tagline, “Serving you, serving kids”

“We really wanted to demonstrate our deep commitment to working in partnership with school foodservice operators in their efforts to serve kids,” said Danielle Benson, associate marketing manager for the K-12 team at General Mills Foodservice. “Throughout all of our communications, our goal is to let operators know they are not alone, we are here for them and happy to serve as a resource to help them succeed.”

She says the redesigned newsletter makes it easier for operators to find valuable information at their fingertips, with more room for more photos and information—albeit, in short, concise nuggets that makes it fun and easy to read.

“We’ve gotten a great response from so many of our operators who rely on our newsletter for information to plan their menus,” said Danielle. “We’ll continue to share success stories from schools across the country as well as the latest product information, recipe inspiration and updates from our culinary and nutrition experts.”