#GoodStartsHere: Turn Used Grab ‘n Go Cereal Cups into Seed Starters!


Nothing’s more exciting for students than watching a seed they’ve planted grow! This year, don’t let empty 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups go straight into the recycling bin (or worse, the trash!) Instead, give students the opportunity to plant and nurture seed starters of their own—all while reusing the containers that bring them their favorite cereals.

You’ll be making good by serving delicious products that students love, and doing good by bringing sustainability into school!

Make seed starters in three easy steps:

  1. Create a Seed Station outside your cafeteria with dirt and seeds
  2. Once cereal has been enjoyed, have students bring their empty 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups to the station and fill them with soil and a few seeds
  3. Give the cups a little water, sunlight and time, and before you know it the seeds will flourish!


Starting seeds is an easy way to bring a little extra ‘good’ to your foodservice program, your school and your students. You could keep the starters in sunny windows at your school, engage students in caring for them and then turn all these little starters into a beautiful school garden! Or, encourage students to bring their starters home and plant them in pots or garden beds of their own—even one leafy green or tomato plant can provide an astonishing amount of produce.

Seeds starters are also a great way to embody the #GoodStartsHere mindset in your school foodservice program.