We’ve Got Your Back: Kick Off the 2020-2021 School Year with General Mills!

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You’ve been through a lot this year! We’re so proud of all the work our #Trayblazers have put in to keep students fed through it all.

This fall we’re here to help you give your students a warm welcome back after so long! We put all our resources in one place so you’re ready for the new school year, including:

  • Products perfect for classroom and to-go feeding from no prep to speed scratch
  • Culinary inspiration to create a menu your students are excited about – no matter where they’re eating
  • Promotional ideas you can easily implement into your program
  • Videos to use during back-to-school staff training

No prep to scratch – where does your operation fall on the prep scale?

We know that your operation may look different this year, so we’re here to help find the product solutions you need whether you’re serving students in the cafeteria, the classroom, or to-go.

Menu Inspiration from Chef Monica

Back to school is a great time to try out new menu items. This year we know you’re going to need new ideas for serving in the classroom and to-go. That’s why we’ve been working on recipes and ideas made for efficient feeding

Cereal isn’t just for breakfast anymore. See how Chef Monica used cereal as a cereal-iously fun lunch option!

Need ways to use your commodities? You may have commodities to use up but want differential ways of serving them. From blenderless smoothies to breads, we have you covered with ideas to use all types of commodities.

There’s so many ways to bring coffeeshop inspiration to your program with our Pillsbury Freezer-to-Oven products. It’s coffeeshop made easy!

Marketing Tools and Resources

Fuel the School Meal Love with Promotional Events and Tools

Just because you might not be feeding kids like you normally would, you can still bring the fun through promotional events and tools!

Mark Your Calendars!

Mark Your Calendar!

Drive student participation with promotional holidays like National Waffle Day, National Biscuit Month, Fall Solstice and National Horchata Day. Download our free promotional calendar for fun, food-themed holidays and tips on how to celebrate them during the 2020-2021 school year.

Put It on the Board

Market Your Meals

Download our free digital menu board videos to promote your daily menu. Not only are they an eye-catching cafeteria upgrade, they’re great for social media too!

Celebrate #CerealMilk


Get the school year off to an exciting start with World School Milk Day! On September 30th, serve up a variety of 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups—the perfect way for your students to enjoy #CerealMilk. Cereal-flavored milk is having a major cultural moment, and our FREE marketing kit can help you bring that excitement to your    lunchroom

Celebrate Día de los Muertos

Celebrate Día de los Muertos
Day of the Dead is a great opportunity to add new Mexican-inspired options to your menu. For example, Horchata is a very popular drink you’ll find sold on streets in Mexico, and you can now share that flavor with your students by serving  Yoplait® Smooth Horchata single serve yogurt! Students can have fun celebrating Día de los Muertos in the classroom, cafeteria or home with our free activity placemat and worksheet.

How-To Videos to Train Staff on Preparing K-12 Favorites

How Generation Z Does Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Good Times Café has the latest on Generation Z’s favorite foods and meal-time trends. Read our latest articles, featuring:

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