Alicia Braun


Alicia Braun

Alicia Braun, a Registered Dietitian, was eager to get back into a role at a smaller district with a more close-knit crew—and she found her home at Coppell Independent School District in Coppell, TX! The past school year, her team put their expertise to the test to navigate a restriction-heavy 2020. The Coppell staff put in tireless work—including many nights—to ensure students were fed with a smile. They even made it special by having banners, balloons, and prizes for staff to show appreciation.

In the 2021-2022 school year, Alicia and the Coppell staff are eager to be back together again with students and make “normal” better than ever thanks to their learnings from the last year.

Alicia’s Tips

“The great thing about school districts is that you’re not in competition with each other, so people are always there to collaborate and answer questions. For example, we got the idea to distribute half gallons over pints from other schools.”

“Kids eat with their eyes! It can be scary if they can’t see what’s in the package, so we added display trays and pictures and love to see their smiles and hear their caring words.”

“We sent emails with encouraging words and gave our staff prizes, because it was difficult to show appreciation virtually. Sometimes staff get pushed to the back burner, but our district is great about recognizing staff and are vocal on platforms (shoutouts, stories, newsletters).”


“Nature Valley Soft Oatmeal Rounds are great as vegetarian entrees. Same with Pillsbury Cheesy Pull-Aparts, and students really like those. Even my nephew liked them…and if a 4-year-old likes it then you know it’s good.”

What Does the Future Look Like?

“All students are set to come back, and we expect them to eat more school lunches. We plan to go back to build your own options in a safe way. Our school is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.”

“We’re going to continue posting all over social media, sending newsletters, making posters, and doing Farm-fresh Fridays where students can get produce from the school garden.”


Follow along with Alicia Braun and the rest of the Coppell ISD as they take their learnings from last year into the 2021-2022 school year!

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