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Value-sized yogurt for lodging — breakfast, pantry and catering
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Yogurt consumption continues to rise in foodservice — it’s projected to grow another 5% through 2019.1 With Greek yogurt sales making up nearly half of the annual retail sales in this category, it has become a must-have offering for lodging patrons.

Introducing new Yoplait® 3.5 oz. Greek Yogurt!

Our new Yoplait® 3.5 oz. Greek cup yogurt adds a cost-effective, high-protein option to complement your breakfast, catering or pantry offerings. With more protein-per-ounce than current 4 oz. varieties, the thick, creamy texture of Yoplait® 3.5 oz. Greek offers patrons a delicious and wholesome snacking option.

A few more notes about 3.5 oz. Greek:

  • 8g of protein per 3.5 oz. serving
  • Yoplait® 3.5 oz. Greek comes in two flavors: Strawberry and Blueberry; both available in straight packs
  • Bowl-style cup offers more headspace for added toppings — a mini-meal in a cup!
  • No artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources and no high fructose corn syrup
  • Yoplait® 3.5 oz. Greek replaces Yoplait® 4 oz. Greek (previously available)

1Nielsen Forecasted Values, 2014-2019

Click here to download the Yoplait® 3.5 oz. Greek spec sheet.

Yoplait 3.5 oz. Greek spec sheet image

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