The way other dough ingredients work

The way other dough ingredients work

In part one we talked about the role of flour in your pizza dough. In part two we will tell you about the important roles other ingredients play in making pizza dough.

The role of water

  • Hydrates the dough providing a medium for all the ingredients to mix together
  • Acts as solvent for sugar and activates the yeast and wheat gluten
  • Can help you control the temperature of the dough

The role of yeast

  • Makes the dough rise and expand
  • Promotes dough conditioning
  • Adds flavor and aroma to the dough

The role of oil/shortening

  • Provides lubrication making the dough easier to handle
  • Gives the dough extensibility so it can be formed and shaped
  • Will brown during baking giving the crust a pleasing appearance
  • Helps keep the crust tender
  • Helps keep the crust dough from drying out before it’s used

The role of sugar

  • The food source for yeast
  • Affects crust color development
  • Helps keep crust tender

The role of salt

  • Helps enhance the flavor of the dough
  • Regulates yeast activity, causing fermentation to progress at a more consistent rate
  • Affects dough texture, making it stronger and less sticky