Gold Medal™ Full Strength®

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Pan-style and hand-tossed pizza crusts require a strong flour such as our Full Strength® formula. Bromated, enriched and malted with 12.6% protein, it produces dough that’s thick and chewy so you can load it up with cheese and toppings. In 50 lb. bags.

  • Medium protein level provides a balanced gluten strength
  • Good dough strength for a tender chew
  • Ideal for thicker hand-tossed pizzas

Pan Style Crust Formulation

Ingredients Baker's % 10# batch Small batch Large batch
Full Strength® or Superlative® 100 10 lb. 25 lb. 50 lb.
Sugar 2 3.2 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.
Salt 1.5 2.4 oz. 6 oz. 12 oz.
Water (variable) 53 5 lb. 5 oz. 13 lb. 4 oz. 26 lb. 8 oz.
Yeast (instant) 1 1.6 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz.
Oil (delayed) 6 9.6 oz. 1 lb. 8 oz. 3 lb..
Batch Weight   16 lb. ¾oz 40 lb. 14 oz. 81 lb. 12 oz.

Pan Style Dough Procedure

Add the water, flour, sugar, salt and yeast to bowl and blend until flour is hydrated by the water (approximately 1 minute). Pause mixer and add oil, then continue to mix to just under full gluten development (approximately 7-9 minutes).

Divide dough into desired size dough pieces, round, and place in oiled dough trays.

Proof overnight in the walk-in cooler (12-24 hours) and then bring to room temperature before use.

Sheet, top and bake at desired temperature (suggested 450-500 degrees F) until done.

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