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Emergency Dough Formula

A formula for when you need pizza dough within 90 minutes

Occasionally, you run out of dough and you don’t have time to let dough ferment overnight in the cooler as you normally do.  For these times, there is an ‘emergency’ dough formula where you can make dough that can be used within 90 minutes. It’s all about kicking the fermentation process into high gear.

To do this you can make adjustments to your own formula by:

  • Doubling your yeast level
  • Doubling your sugar level
  • Targeting a dough temperature of 95°F by increasing your water temperature

These three actions increase your yeast fermentation activity and, in essence, set the stage for a 90 minute, “fresh dough” versus an overnight, “refrigerated dough”. Two notes of caution: 1) This dough won’t be identical to your standard dough and 2) This dough will only be usable for about a 4 to 6 hour window as it will “age” rapidly due to the fast rate of fermentation. If you don’t want to adjust your current formula, noted below is a basic “Emergency Dough” formula that could work in a pinch.

Ingredients Baker's % Small Batch
Flour 100 25 lb
Sugar 4 1 lb
Salt 1.25 5 oz
Water (95F) 60 15 lb
Yeast (instant) 1.5 6 oz
Oil (delayed) 4 1 lb

Basic Make-Up

Add the water, flour, sugar, salt and yeast to bowl and blend until flour is hydrated by the water (about 1 minute).

Pause mixer and add oil, then continue to mix to full gluten development

Rest the dough 15 minutes on the bench before dividing.

Divide dough into desired size dough pieces, round, and place in oiled dough trays.

Proofdough in the warmest area of the shop for 60 minutes before use.

Sheet, top and bake at desired temperature (suggested 450 to 500ºF) until done.