Simplifying the dough-making process

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There are many ways to make pizza dough. But if you want consistent, delicious results, we recommend that you keep these things in mind:

Scaling ingredients: For the sake of consistency, scale your ingredients by weight versus volume. Also remember to zero out your scale.

Mixing: The role of mixing is to disperse and combine ingredients while developing gluten protein. The order in which you add your ingredients is very important:

  1. Water
  2. Dry ingredients (do a short mix to hydrate the flour)
  3. Oil (this finishes the mix and develops the gluten)

To ensure the dough is the correct temperature, you may need to adjust the temperature of your water. That makes this water temperature chart an invaluable tool.

Fermenting: The primary function of yeast is to leaven the dough. As the yeast digests sugars, it releases carbon dioxide causing the dough to rise. This phase of dough making is called fermentation. Fermentation is affected by three factors:

  1. The amount of sugar
  2. The amount of salt
  3. The dough temperature

Control for these three factors and you’ll be able to replicate your pizza crust dough time after time.