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7 Breakfast Trends to Wake Up Your Menu All Day!


Baked goods are currently the top sweet offering, chosen first 100% of the time in a recent trend report by Technomic!¹
While it’s clear baked goods are all the rage, another trend is taking over: breakfast all-day.² Use this list of fresh ideas to combine baked goods and current trends to make your breakfast all-day offerings highly sought-after.

Tofu Breakfast Sandwich

1. Meat-Free Mornings

Nearly 51% of those eating more vegetarian meals are doing so to eat healthier.³ Try a few of these tasty breakfast meals that pack fewer calories than their meat alternatives.

Go With the Grain

2. Go With the Grain

Top grain bowls with a fried, poached or soft-boiled egg to add breakfast appeal. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Amaranth — while not technically a grain, this pseudocereal was a staple in ancient Aztec diets and has been growing in popularity.
  • Thai Basil Bowl (a 2018 Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest winner!)
  • Wild rice — another unexpected, on-trend grain to experiment with in your bowl offerings.

Biscuits and Beyond

3. Biscuits and Beyond

Serve much more than just classic rolls and use biscuits to get in on current food trends:

In Awe of Waffles

4. In Awe of Waffles

With a little creativity you can serve “waffles” in fresh ways all day:

Bite-Sized Cups

5. Bite-Sized Cups

To capitalize on the baked goods, small bites AND to-go trends, offer plastic cups of bite-size bakery items with icings or dipping sauces on the side. Ideas to get started:

Savory Meets Sweet

6. Savory Meets Sweet

A hint of savory flavor instantly elevates sweet baked goods:

  • Bacon — you can’t go wrong! Mix it into muffins and loaves made with PillsburyTM BatterProTM Muffin & Cake Batter for a fresh twist.
  • Salt Flakes — salted caramel, salted chocolate, salted cinnamon orange, the opportunities for elevating baked goods with a sprinkle of salt are endless.

Breakfast Greens

7. Breakfast Greens

Salads are making their way onto more and more breakfast menus:

Find even more great recipes here!
Download our free Breakfast-All-Day kit to capitalize on the growing trend at your operation! You’ll receive social media assets, stickers, poster, table tent and more.

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