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How to Add Quick-Serve Yogurt Elements to Your Operation

This summer, make the taste of the season creamy, cool, refreshing and nutritious with bulk yogurt from General Mills Foodservice. We’ll help you promote a variety of seasonal revenue-boosting menu applications from our team of culinary experts and provide free downloadable summer yogurt marketing assets. With quick-serve concepts gaining popularity (a whopping 5.3% of restaurant industry growth in 2017!) bulk yogurt is a great way to add grab ‘n go items to your operation this summer.

Capitalize on yogurt’s “health halo”

High-protein foods are more popular than ever, and consumers who seek a wholesome, meatless meal option are increasingly choosing yogurt-based entrees. In fact, bulk yogurt sales grew 10% between 2016 and 2017.1

Easy ways to boost sales by using bulk yogurt in your operation

  1. Offer grab ‘n go yogurt items

    In 2017 Smartbrief Food & Beverage reported that one-third of consumers said they visited fast casual restaurants more often than they had in the previous year. The popularity of quick-service and fast casual concepts is undeniable, and grab ‘n go offerings are a great way to take advantage of this trend. Consider adding a front-of-house quick-serve refrigerator or display area for extra convenience.

  2. Plan for profit

    Bulk yogurt is a great revenue-booster because its low cost means high profit margins for many applications. For instance, a parfait made with Yoplait® ParfaitPro® bulk yogurt sold at $3.99 can have a profit margin around 79%.2 Use our profitability calculator to input your menu price and custom ingredients to see what your parfait profit per serving could look like.2

  3. Reduce waste by featuring multiple yogurt menu applications

    • Overnight oats are prepared the night before and are ready to go for a no-cook option at breakfast. Just stir bulk yogurt and rolled oats together, spoon into serving containers and refrigerate overnight. Try these Tropical Overnight Oats.
    • Everything seems more fun when it’s eaten out of a bowl. Smoothie bowls, like this Berry Banana bowl, turn a sippable beverage into a spoonable dish that’s perfect for breakfast.
    • Offering smoothie bowls doesn’t mean you should forget about traditional smoothies. Use bulk yogurt, ice, coffee and flavored syrup to make refreshing coffee chillers, or go the traditional route and combine frozen fruit and yogurt. Keep it simple with this Peachful Smoothie, or switch it up with an Avocado Smoothie.
    • Parfaits are a classic, delicious and popular bulk yogurt application. Pair fresh fruit and granola with a cup of creamy yogurt and serve in-house or offer in a grab ‘n go format. Try this Caramel Banana Parfait.
    • Take your parfait menu in a new direction with savory parfaits. Use ingredients like avocados, sweet potatoes and spices rather than the traditional fruit and granola.
    • Explore sauces, dips, dressings and more. From Alfredo sauce, to Tzatziki sauce, to Banana Pudding Upside Down Yogurt Pie, yogurt spans across all dayparts.

Increase yours summer traffic through quick-serve yogurt applications. Download our free marketing kit with social assets, a customizable flyer and grab ‘n go stickers!


1The NPD Group/SupplyTrack®, 12 months ending February ’16, in pounds, Total Foodservice
2Costs are based on industry estimates and are subject to change. General Mills makes no guarantees on profitability; such pricing tool is intended for estimation purposes only.