Make Crave-Worthy Comfort Foods with Puff Pastry and Pie Dough


Fall and winter are the prime “comfort food seasons” for diners everywhere, and there’s often nothing more comforting and crave-worthy than items made with puff pastry and pie dough. Flaky, soft, layers of delicious melt-in-your-mouth dough makes both sweet and savory items absolutely irresistible.

Using puff pastry and pie dough also lets your creativity shine! The same dough can be transformed for different applications across the menu delighting your diners with items they would never suspect came from the same product. Plus, with such versatile ingredients, you can do more with less, thereby optimizing storage, minimizing waste and increasing revenue.

Diner appeal AND profit-building? That’s definitely a win-win. Here are some great ways to ‘dough’ it.

Classic recipe applications

World inspiration

Creative comforts

  • Parmesan Crackers—easily transform Pot Pie Dough into tasty crackers with Parmesan and a few spices.
  • Chicken Pot-Chos—part pot pie, part nachos, these chicken pot-chos are everything your patrons never knew they needed in their lives.

Sweet sensations

Dough features

PillsburyTM Puff Pastry and Pie Doughs make comfort foods of all kinds a breeze. Light and flaky, Puff Pastry is easy to use to create upscale, distinctive menu items that diners are willing to pay more for. Pie Doughs can be used as a crust base or topper for pot pies, cobblers and bars, or to make items like hand pies and flat breads—and that’s just the beginning of the possibilities!

All PillsburyTM doughs are made with a neutral flavor profile so they are perfect for both savory and sweet menu items. PillsburyTM Pie Dough Rounds come preglazed for a golden brown finish every time, while PillsburyTM Pie Dough Sheets are unglazed for increased flexibility. Best of all, with PillsburyTM doughs there is no mixing, measuring or mistakes so they are easy to use and you get consistent, delicious results every time.

For more recipe inspiration and ideas, check out our Puff Pastry and Pie Dough application videos and recipes.