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More Than Pot Pie: 10 Ways to Dough It

Pie dough offers versatility for numerous recipe applications across all day parts. From quiche to rustic tarts, Pillsbury™ Frozen Pie Dough Round is easy-to-use for chefs and bakers of all skill levels. Here are our top 10 ways to use pie dough:

1) Pot Pies

From the classic Individual Chicken Pot Pie to Individual Shepherd’s Pot Pie, there isn’t a more comforting application for the dough’s flaky, savory goodness.

2) Flatbread

Pot pie dough works great for flatbreads – offering a convenient way to repurpose other ingredients in the kitchen like cheeses, meats and veggies – cue the popular Buffalo Chicken Flatbread.

3) Empanadas

Simply thaw, stuff, fold and bake to make delicious, savory empanadas using frozen pot pie dough like these Chili Cheese Dog Empanadas or Chicken Empanadas.

4) Hand Pies

Craving something with the flaky crust of an empanada but on the sweeter side? Use pot pie dough to make hand pies like these Oven Fried Apple Hand Pies or Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies.

5) Alfajores Cookies

These South American cookies will turn heads on any menu. Check out this Alfajores Triangles recipe to see how you can bring this ethic treat to your operation using pot pie dough and just two other ingredients.

6) Pot-Chos (Nachos)

Part pot pie and part nacho, these Chicken Pot-Chos are a signature addition to any appetizer line-up.

7) Crackers

Serving house-made crackers can be a differentiating addition to an already delicious appetizer or soup. Simply roll out the pot pie dough to make these crispy, Parmesan Crackers using pot pie dough.

8) Quiche

A staple on any brunch menu, quiche is always a fan favorite and pot pie dough is the star, as seen in this Turkey Quiche for One or Bacon Spinach Quiche Cup.

9) Tarts

Pot pie dough serves as an ideal base for sweet or savory tarts, including this Mini Fudge Rustic TartFunky Monkey TartFruit Tart and Grilled Vegetable Tart.

10) Filled Crust

Stuffed with the sweet and savory combination of brie cheese and cranberry chutney, this Crust Wrapped Cranberry and Brie uses pot pie dough to keep it all together.

Ready to dough it?

Watch our Culinary Team whip up three pot pie applications to get started.