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Pillsbury™ Biscuits: Limited Time Offers


Add excitement to your menu with Limited Time Offers that are great for dine in and takeout.

With more takeout meals being ordered than ever, off-premise appetites and attitudes are shifting rapidly. Staying responsive to what your patrons want—while optimizing your efficiencies and controlling costs—is key to maximizing sales. “To keep customers coming back, it’s key to create signature dishes that are compelling and unique,” said Chef Michael Braden who is a senior culinary manager and leads the Global Culinary team at General Mills Foodservice.

Our culinary team has done the legwork to help operators with application and recipe ideas for each of our Pillsbury™ products to help them round out their menus, reduce waste and increase profits.”


Pillsbury™ Biscuits have the turn-key solutions to help you stand out and drive all-year traffic with #BiscuitsAllWays. Pillsbury Biscuits are also part of the Best-In-Class for takeout portfolio!


Biscuits have higher fat and moisture content, so they hold up better than other breads and sides in high-moisture carry out containers. Easily reheatable! Biscuits are also a great base to create new menu items using one product.

A Good Limited Time Offer

A good limited time offer (LTO) doesn’t just add variety to your menu, it offers an experience that will keep your customers coming back! Up 70% of operators consider identifying and launching these trendy menu items to be a challenge¹. That’s why we’re sharing our Pillsbury™ Biscuit LTO recipe inspiration: to help you offer exciting new meals at your operation!

Trend Watch

Top 10 Foods on the Rise²:

  • Sausage Egg and Cheese on a Biscuit — 2,872% increase
  • Biscuits — 741% increase

¹Technomic: “The Role of LTOs In Operator Menu Strategy”
²DoorDash: “The State of Flavor in America

Chef's Roll Biscuit Edition

Chef William Eick and Chef Travis Clifford create 10 unique dishes that utilize versatile, takeout friendly Pillsbury™ Biscuits. Their recipes bring biscuits into new creative realms that also hold up for takeout.

Recipe Inspiration: Biscuit Sandwiches

Recipe Inspiration: Breakfast Bakery

Recipe Inspiration: Dessert

Get customers excited about your limited time offers with our Free Marketing Resources that include recipe cards, digital screen savers, Instagram images and more.

Download Resources below!


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