The 4 P’s of Profiting From Impulse Sales

The 4 P’s of Profiting From Impulse Sales

Generate a new source of revenue by preparing an array of baked goods you already serve, packaged and merchandised for impulse sales.

Product Offering

If you offer baked goods like scones, brownies and cakes on your menu, chances are they are customer favorites. Consider ways to take your top-selling items and prepare them for take-out or grab n’ go purchases.

Packaging & Presentation

Think about the standard way you cut your baked goods. Then think small. Changing your cuttings to minis or triangles can add visual interest and appetite appeal. And rethink your packaging. Instead of a standard clamshell container, use cellophane bags of different colors or clear cups with lids filled with mini items.


Consider your cash register the hot spot for impulse purchases. Place pre-packaged sweet and savory products in this high-traffic checkout area to best capture impulse sales.


It can be challenging to control food costs and stay competitive with nearby restaurants. With our Food Cost Formula, you can accurately calculate the right price for new and innovative products that’s competitive and appropriate to your market.