New Pillsbury™ Pie Dough Sheet: Easy as Pie

Introducing Pillsbury 10x12in Frozen Pie Dough Sheets
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We’ve added a new 10x12in Pie Dough Sheet to our Pillsbury™ Frozen Doughs portfolio! This brand-new option is exactly like the Pie Dough Rounds you know and love—just bigger, rectangular and unglazed. It’s tender and flaky—like puff pastry dough—but thicker. And just like our other frozen doughs, it thaws quickly but can be baked frozen on tight timelines.

This new sheet fits perfectly in a ½ hotel pan for efficient catering and buffet-style service. Cut the dough into smaller portions before baking, or make a whole pan and cut afterward to reduce the number of dishes and batches required to serve a crowd.

Delicious, economical and versatile, there are endless sweet (and savory!) items to be made from this user-friendly 10x12in sheet. Data from Technomic gathered in 2016 shows that 63% of consumers indulge in dessert at least once a week. Use Pillsbury Pie Dough Sheets as a base for dessert bars or as a topper for classic cobblers. Desserts are made easy with this pie dough sheet—no skilled labor required.

A Million Ways to Dough It

Besides being a perfect base or topper for desserts, the Pillsbury Pie Dough Sheet works well for hand pies, pot pies, flatbreads, house-made crackers and more. Experiment with using it in appetizers, entrees, and sides as well. Cut it to fit your restaurant’s serving size, roll it, fold it or top it—nothing’s off-limits.

TIP: Just because it comes unglazed doesn’t mean you can’t glaze it! Brush thawed pie dough sheets with egg wash before baking for a shiny finish.

Pie Dough Trends to Know

Technomic’s latest edition of Volumix reveals that total sales for cakes and pies increased 5.5% year over year in 2016, and their 2017 Dessert Report found that more than 40% of Americans eat some variety of pie each week. Pillsbury Pie Dough Sheets can be used to satisfy this pie craze, but don’t forget about savory trends either. The classic comfort of pot pie is another enduring favorite that can be made with Pillsbury Pie Dough Sheets. Pot Pie routinely ranks high among diners and chefs alike, and it was—yet again—included in this year’s “What’s Hot” chef survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association.

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