Celebrate National Biscuit Month This September!

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Our daily lives contain a hefty dose of uncertainty, which has resulted in the current trend of consumers gravitating toward the comforting, nostalgic foods of years-past.

Enter consistently delicious, scratch-quality biscuits.

Light, buttery, tender biscuits are a classic American comfort food and they’re returning to menus all across the country in a variety of tasty ways. From biscuits to jam, to biscuits and gravy, and even sweet or savory fried biscuit dough bites, biscuits are ideal across every daypart. It’s no wonder breakfast biscuit sandwiches are currently the most popular type of breakfast sandwich ordered.1

And it doesn’t stop there.

September is National Biscuit Month—the perfect opportunity to get in on this rising comfort food trend. Download our customizable Biscuit Month Kit to promote biscuits at your operation, and use these great biscuit application ideas to menu pure nostalgia—or comfort food with a twist—all month long.

Biscuit Month Leader

Biscuit Specials

Feature new biscuit specials every week to keep your patrons coming back for more.

Ready to get your biscuit on this September?

Download your free National Biscuit Month Kit here

1NPD/CREST YE March 2016