Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie with Pillsbury™ Preformed Pie Shells from Sysco®

New 9” pie shells require less filling and provide same number of slices as 10” pie.
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WHAT:            General Mills Foodservice is helping foodservice operators to bake up pie sales with the new Pillsbury™ Preformed, Ready-to-Bake Pie Shells exclusively available through Sysco.®

The new 9” pie shells provide a convenient, consistent way to bake fresh pies on-site. In addition, the smaller size requires less filling than the 10” shell yet offers the same number of slices—helping operators to lower foods costs and bake a more profitable pie. With a light, neutral flavor and shortbread-like texture, the preformed crusts give operations the flexibility to make a variety of sweet or savory pies.


Pillsbury™ Preformed Pie Shells

  • Ready to Bake, 9” size
  • Tender, shortbread-like texture
  • Fluted edge, looks homemade
  • Freezer-to-oven: fast to freshly made in minutes
  • Two formats: Lard or Vegetable Shortening

WHY:              According to Datassential, 93 percent of customers ate dessert in the past week¹ with pie ranking in the top five most-menued desserts and among the top four favorite desserts by consumers² . Pillsbury Preformed Pie Shells give operations a convenient and easy way to offer fresh-baked pies with minimal labor.

WHERE:          For information on the new Pillsbury Preformed Pie Shells, foodservice directors can contact their Sysco sales representative, call 1-800-243-5687 or visit

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CONTACT:   Sarah Peterson
                      General Mills Convenience & Foodservice

¹ “Dessert’s Sweet Spot,” Datasenntial Keynote report, Feb 2019
² Datassential Dessert Keynote, 2016