National Bakery Day to Celebrate Independent Bakeries on Sept. 25

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General Mills Foodservice joins industry leaders to support annual event

 and shares 10 recipe ideas for limited-time baked goods that will rule the day.


MINNEAPOLIS (July 21, 2020)—For the fourth year, General Mills Foodservice is proud to join forces with the Retail Bakers of America (RBA) and several industry leaders to support National Bakery Day on Sept. 25, 2020. The sweet “holiday” gives local bakeries an opportunity to celebrate their success and showcase the special role they play in the hearts of their community.

Any bakery can participate in National Bakery Day, raising awareness about their signature treats and menu items, and encourage their community to buy local through creative promotions, product giveaways or special events. Some bakeries also use the day to raise funds for a local charity. The RBA offers free, downloadable marketing materials to its members via its website.

General Mills, which provides independent bakeries with high-quality baking flour, dry baking mixes and frozen baked goods as well as culinary support and marketing resources, wants to help its customers bake up some ideas and participate in National Bakery Day.

“The past few months have really underscored how local bakeries provide a sense of joy and comfort, making it more important than ever to celebrate National Bakery Day,” said Jessie Kordosky, corporate chef and culinary trends expert for General Mills Foodservice. “We have some fun ideas for takeout and limited-time offers that we hope will provide inspiration for bakeries who want to take part this year.”


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On-Trend Recipe Inspiration

Kordosky said that, while it’s completely expected for bakeries to showcase some of their signature treats for National Bakery Day, the holiday provides a unique opportunity to offer customers something new and special or even unexpected to create some buzz.

Her “top 10” recipes for National Bakery Day include the following items that all leverage current trends, such as alcohol-inspired/infused desserts, items with nostalgic appeal, baked goods with botanical flavors and global-inspired treats. Kordosky  adds that all of these items are also easy to package up for takeout or delivery options making them great options for National Bakery Day this year.

For more baked goods ideas and tips for participating in National Bakery Day, bakeries can visit

About General Mills Foodservice

General Mills Foodservice provides independent bakeries and pizzerias with high-quality bakery flour, dry baking mixes and frozen products along with technical support and marketing resources to help them succeed. The Convenience & Foodservice division also sells General Mills branded cereal, yogurt, snacks and more in a wide variety of away-from-home outlets, such as cafeterias, convenience stores and vending machines.  Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, the division had fiscal 2019 net sales of $1.82 billion. For more information, please visit

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