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Pillsbury™ Donut Mix Raised Donut 365 50 lb

Pillsbury™ donut mixes are formulated to tolerate a variety of shop conditions, while delivering good shelf life, tender texture and flavorful taste. You'll consistently produce great-tasting raised donuts with excellent volume, symmetry, and crust color with donut skin that is ideal for glazes, icings, or sugar. Great for donut muffins and savory donuts. Available in a cost-effective, 50 lb bulk format for larger operations.

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Product Information

PRODUCT CODE: 138159000
UPC: 018000381593
GTIN: 10018000381590

Nutrition Facts


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Preparation Instructions


Dissolve yeast in water. Add mix to bowl. Mix for 1 min on low. Mix on med 10-12 min until dough is smooth, dry and pliable. Dough temp 80° F. Fermentation: 45 min. Make-up: divide or strip. Rest: 15 min. Proof: give 3/4 proof with just enough moisture to prevent crusting. Fry at 375° F.

Features & Details

  • Formulated to tolerate a variety of shop conditions, while delivering good shelf life.
  • Results in tender texture and flavorful taste.

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Nutritional information is subject to change. See product label to verify ingredients and allergens.

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