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How to Bring the Breakfast Sandwich Trend to Your Operation


Let’s talk breakfast sandwiches. They’re the #1 growing item on menus, but as of the end of Q3-2018, 40% of healthcare operators menu breakfast sandwiches and only 11.76% of college and university operators serve this popular item.¹,² If you’re not already offering quick service restaurant-style breakfast sandwiches, now is the time! Read on for a free recipe collection with simple to advanced breakfast sandwich menu ideas, many of which call for everyday ingredients you likely already have on hand.

Whether you’re in healthcare foodservice, college and university foodservice or another industry, your patrons are always on the go, so give them breakfast sandwich options that fit their schedules and satisfy their cravings.

With popular quick-service restaurant chains offering longtime classic breakfast sandwich options, it’s no surprise that eggs, cheese and bacon are the top three ingredients paired with breakfast sandwiches.³ This means there’s no wrong way to add breakfast sandwiches to your menu – make them as simple or adventurous as you like. Start with a carrier such as baked or unbaked Pillsbury™ Biscuits, baked or unbaked Pillsbury™ Croissants and fill as you see fit!


Download this Infographic for more great information on how you can bring trendy and tasty breakfast sandwiches to your operation!

Hot Tip

Serve tried-and-true favorites like bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches or consider experimenting with other breakfast sandwich ingredients that are currently trending:⁴

  • Turkey sausage
  • Arugula
  • Canadian bacon
  • Avocado
  • Sriracha
  • Fontina cheese

Any way you do it, be sure to wrap your to-go breakfast sandwiches in individual silver sandwich wrap squares to increase hold time and capitalize on the high demand for grab ‘n go items. Quick service restaurants have experienced incredible success with to-go formats, and you can too!

Ready to get your breakfast ‘wich on?

Check out this video that demonstrates exactly how to elevate your breakfast sandwiches.

Grab & Go Breakfast Sandwich Inspiration Guide: A step-by-step manual for bringing breakfast sandwiches to your operation, including creative tips to enhance sandwiches you may already offer. 

Download Guide

Download customizable posters and sample social media posts to promote to-go style breakfast sandwiches at your operation today.

Printable Downloads

Download posters and table tents to promote to-go style breakfast sandwiches at your operation today.

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